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2016 Calendar

I have made two print-on-demand calendars for 2016! :)

budan, calendar, art, fineart, painting, landscape

The first one is through…/mandy-…/calendar/product-22331648.html

The lulu calendar is $18.00usd plus shipping, measures 8.5 x 11 inches closed and 11 x 17 open and is spiral bound. The paper is glossy and of a medium weight. It has major holidays listed and overall I am pretty pleased with it.

The second is through redBubble:

budan, art, fineart, calendar, paintings, landscape


The redBubble calendar is $25.00usd plus shipping, measures 11.5 x 16.5 inches and is also spiral bound but at the top instead of in the middle. The paper is satin (a mix of gloss and matte) and of a heavier weight than the lulu calendar. There are no holidays listed – it’s just not an option when building. I think I like this calendar better than the lulu one, it seems to be a higher quality product and the layout and binding while somewhat unconventional works really well.