Monthly Archives: May 2015

July Progression

12 x 16 – Acrylic on wood

In the height of Summer the many greens and blues of the forest collide gently on their inexorable march to the fiery reds and oranges of Fall.

In this painting I wanted to contrast the very warm greens of the sunlit island with the much colder background forest while still giving the impression of one of those overwhelmingly verdant summer days.

art, small, landscape, painting, original, abstract, green, blue, forest, summer, sky, water

Last Call

11 x 14 – Acrylic on wood

I’ve finished Last Call – it was much quicker than a bigger painting, almost instant gratification lol.  I’m going to do a few more smaller paintings this year to clear up some of the stuff in my head that I’m just dying to paint!

I do have another larger one in mind though that will have to come out too. :)

contemporary canadian landscape art painting original abstract landscape sunset sky clouds orange blue