Monthly Archives: March 2015

Summer Medley

30 x 40 – Acrylic on wood

A perfect day – soft warm sunlight, cool blue breezes, the steadfast reds in the trunk and the playful greens in the leaves come together to make beautiful summer music. :)

Yay I’m done! I’m really pleased with the range of colours and shapes I got to work with on this one. Lots of individual expressions/areas that come together to make the painting – which is why I thought of a medley pretty early on.

art, contemporary, abstract, landscape, painting, acrylic, wood, colour, tree, forest, summer, green, red, warm, sunlight

Summer Medley WIP11

30 x 40 – Acrylic on wood

Nearly done! It’s been weeks and weeks since I started and now I just have a tiny bit left. :)
I really enjoy working at this size; there’s a lot of room to play with the shapes and patterns. Having said that I did commit to creating some smaller works this year so my next painting will be much smaller. There will definitely be more big ones to come though!

art, painting, abstract, landscape, pattern, colour, forest, summer, tree, green, orange, light