Monthly Archives: January 2013

Summer in the Garden – WIP1

24 x 30 – acrylic on wood

I’m doing so many studies now that when it’s time to start a new painting I keep flitting from one to another – inspiration overload! So in the spirit of ‘boy is it ever cold’ I thought I would do a warm summery painting. :)

This one is based on my last study and I haven’t painted sunflowers in ages so I’m really excited!


Allan O’Marra – The Last 4 Years

I finally had a chance to visit Allan O’Marra’s solo show at the McLean Community Centre and if you plan to be in the area before February 7th I highly recommend it!

It’s a delightful mix of portraits, landscapes and abstracts. Dramatic skies, inquisitive gazes and striking compositions offer a comprehensive look at the recent work of one of our area’s award-winning artists.