Monthly Archives: July 2012

Landscape Study #1

5 x 7 – acrylic on paper

I have not been creating any smaller paintings lately as I find the tiny shapes can be finicky and frustrating. But I do love to plan paintings by making studies so I can play with colour and shape without committing the time to a large painting. With these studies I can be a little looser and not worry so much about perfect edges and 100% opacity. (Although it’s hard not to obsess – lol.)

I have decided to formalize these a bit and offer them up at a new auction site that I quite like – I used to sell tiny paintings on ebay and it was great fun to watch the auction build and it also gave more people the chance to own a painting. So for the next little while I will be putting up weekly auctions and see how they go. :)

Click here to bid on my first one!

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