Monthly Archives: April 2012

Cascade – Complete

18 x 24 – Acrylic on wood

Delicate white flowers tumble down their branch seeking infrequent pools of sunlight.

I’ve finished this floral and what a surfeit of magentas! I’m definitely planning some more flower paintings – I love the wide range of colours I get to play with. :) But my next painting will be a fall tree ’cause I love those too. :)

abstract floral flower painting pink blue magenta purple contemporary art

Cascade – WIP7

18 x 24 – Acrylic on wood

Hmm, I think I missed a day of shooting. :) I’ve put in some more of the background on the left – framing the flowers in dark purples and magentas, and I have also put in some more of the secondary blossoms on the right. Everything is to support the run of white flowers down the center of the panel.

pink abstract flower painting art acrylic