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Summer’s End WIP12

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Reserved for Mayberry Fine Art

I’ve added some more of the orange weeds to the left – a drastic change that was not part of the original plan. But I’m glad I deviated.

Sometimes I can’t get the paint on the panel fast enough – I know exactly what to do and curse my slow clumsy fingers and my tiny brush. :) But sometimes when I’m stuck or in an important transitional area (like the foreground plants meeting the the trees way in the back), I find that if I sit and stare at my painting long enough, it tells me what to do next. Which is awfully nice…

Originally there were to be some intermediary trees between the foreground weeds/flowers and the trees at the very back. But I decided that really served no purpose and the painting would be better if I could echo some of the brighter flowers that are on the right side. And cradle them in the darker red purple ones. And also echo the dark plants and how they meet the water, with the dark plants and how they meet the sky.

And yes! There is now some sky on the panel – woot!

abstract landscape landscape painting art colour canada contemporary

Summer’s End WIP11

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Reserved for Mayberry Fine Art

Not a lot of the drastic changes are actually visible yet – they are still swimming around in my head. But still, I did get a fair bit done.

Next up I have to integrate some more of the foreground with that land across the lake – tricksy but fun! :)

I love love love the huge range of colours in this painting. In the beginning it was a little overwhelming and I questioned whether I would be able to get them to play nicely together. Now I’m only a little worried  – I still need to see that sky! :)

canada art painting abstract landscape summer fall Mandy Budan

Summer’s End WIP10

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Reserved for Mayberry Fine Art

Not completely following protocol  – lol. But I just couldn’t wait any longer! I really wanted to see what the area beyond the lake looks like. I feel much better now. :)

But I will have to go back to the foreground before I get to the trees and sky. And I’ve decided to make some drastic changes to the last of the front foliage – so I’d better get to it before I lose my nerve. :)

Contemporary landscape art painting abstract lake fall colors.

Summer’s End WIP8

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Reserved for Mayberry Fine Art

I’ve been painting for five days in a row. Unheard of! :) I’m going to try to post a wip every two days or so, although I really don’t want to stop long enough to post – lol. I’m having some trouble with glare in my photos too – I think just a side effect of the size.

So a little more progress on the foreground weeds this time… I love putting the brighter greens against the purples and reds. :) I’ve got lots more purple and red to go, and I want to echo the lighter plants that are on the far right too. Yum. :)

canadian abstract landscape fall autumn red lake

Summer’s End WIP7

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Busman’s Holiday – yay!

The wips will be coming fast and furious over the next two weeks as I am on holiday in my studio, with nothing but painting and the occasional nap in store for me. :) My master plan is to actually finish this painting before my holiday ends! No pressure! :)

I want to keep on with the foreground stuff, but I’m also really curious about some of the trees in the background, so I may jump around the painting a little. And the fluffy clouds too, I want to see them!

abstract acrylic landscape painting canada contemporary

Summer’s End WIP5

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Working a little more on the lighter plants – I want to make sure they comply with the rest of the painting so far. :) And I think they do. This is a big painting for me; I am painting madly and still have so much more panel to cover. Fortunately I will be taking some time off in August that I can use to paint ‘full-time’. I can’t wait! :)

contemporary abstract painting landscape overlooking lake in summer