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Summer’s End WIP4

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Working a little more on the greens in the foreground. I think I need to see some more of the orange and lavender plants though. And some more of the lake. And I want to get back to the dark side too. (I hear they have cookies.) And then there’s all the trees way back in the cheap seats. And the sky.

It’s such a large painting for me; it’s a challenge to hold it all together in my head – I’m in a hurry to see it on the panel! I know I have sketches of it but it’s not the same. Once the painting hits the panel the sketches are nearly obsolete. Unless I get stuck. And I’m not feeling stuck. It’s just pouring onto the panel. I guess that’s what can happen when you have something in your head for so long. :)

summer painting abstract landscape

Summer’s End WIP3

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

I really needed to see the light oranges and pastels in the context of the rest of the painting, so that’s where I went. :) I think it’s going to work well; the sun is hitting that patch and providing  a nice counterpoint to the foliage in deeper shadow. I want to balance it with some more foreground greens and also flesh out that lighter area more. I really like the way these colours are working together!

contemporary canadian painting summer lake trees

Summer’s End WIP2

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

Moving right down into some of the foreground green foliage. I think one of the biggest challenges in this painting is to keep all the colours working together, so I need to get them on the panel pronto! Next session will involve some yellows and pale pinks and lavenders, as well as some more of the lake.

contemporary abstract painting landscape overlook summer lake trees

Summer’s End WIP1

Summer’s End – 36 x 48 – Acrylic on Wood

I have been waiting to start this painting for a while now – I haven’t done a really big painting since last summer! I originally wanted it for the Oshawa show but I knew I wouldn’t finish it on time.

Outside it’s 37 celsius but in my painting Summer is winding down. The day is cool, there is almost a bite to the air; Fall has brushed the leaves with colour.

I’m working with a big palette on this one (another thing I’m excited about :) ). I’m going to have a great time managing the reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues and purples in this painting. I can hardly wait to see how this one turns out – is it the weekend yet?!  :)

canadian landscape painting summer trees lake hill

Two Birches

Two Birches – 5 x 7 – acrylic on wood


Two birches stand against the pattern of a late summer landscape.

I like doing these little paintings; they are instant gratification – with larger ones I have to be patient and wait and see how it turns out. :) I enjoyed the colours and shapes on this one so much I may have to do it again larger. (Of course it will come out hugely different but I bet I will have as much fun with it as I did with this one. )

birches landscape painting abstract canada summer contemporary