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View From Mazengah – WIP3

View From Mazengah – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Wood

I have completed the lake.  I messed around with atmospheric perspective and put the cooler green water in the foreground and the warmer purple-y water in the distance. There are a couple of reasons why I think this still works; 1: the water is much shallower by the shore so you can see the bottom, the rocks and weeds etc. and 2: the shapes of the water farther away, while warmer in colour are much smaller and lower in contrast. So I didn’t break all the rules in the same spot at the same time. :)

ontario lake cottage country abstract painting

View From Mazengah – WIP2

View From Mazengah – 16 x 20 – Acrylic on Wood

Moving away from the darker, calmer water in front of the shore and into the sun-kissed choppier water on the lake. It’s starting to feel like one of those beautiful days where the hot sun is mitigated by sprightly breezes and wispy clouds chase each other across an azure sky.

canadian abstract contemporary painting summer lake breeze

Haliburton Morning – Finished

Haliburton Morning – 24 x 30 – acrylic on wood

The muted colours hint at the day to come; the sky is just coming to life as the sun rises behind the hills. An Autumn morning in Haliburton, everything is poised, waiting for that touch of warmth.

I have had great difficulty taking good pictures of this painting, I’m not sure why. :) My next painting is a commission and brings with it a more vibrant palette. (Which is not to say I won’t be working with these colours again – I’m pretty sure I will. :)

I was out looking for trilliums this weekend; they have just started to flower but there aren’t very many – next weekend may be better. I think I might like to paint some, but I’m not sure. That would be another muted palette, with lots of greens, greys and white.

contemporary abstract landscape painting morning lake mist canada