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Solitaire WIP2

Solitaire – 20 x 20 – Acrylic on Panel – Reserved for Mayberry

Starting in on some of the petals now… For a white flower, there’s not a lot of white paint on the panel. :) I especially like the way the afternoon light hits the petals and the way the center of the flower spills out into the petals a bit.

Contemporary abstract flower painting by Mandy Budan

Incandescence Final

Incandescence – 18 x 24 inches – acrylic on wood panel – reserved for Mayberry

Here’s the final painting.  Very angular and abrupt – the only curves are in the trunks of the glowing trees. It is very reminiscent of the forest on that afternoon, the colours were striking and the area felt closed and intimidating. :)

Incandescence abstract landscape painting contemporary  forest by Mandy Budan.

Incandescence WIP4

Incandescence – 18 x 24 inches – acrylic on wood panel – reserved for Mayberry

I have completed the last of the foreground trees.  They are so nonchalant in their glow – lol. There are a few more trees farther back in the woods and more of the underbrush to do. This painting has come out very angular, I think in part because the plants are dead and there are no sinuous stems and entwining leaves. Everything is straight edges and muted reds and purples.

While I love painting in step with the seasons, I’m glad my next painting is summer and green. :)

contemporary abstract painting trees forest purple red Canada

Contemporary fine art abstract painting forest woods purple red patterns


While out taking reference photos and generally enjoying the Canadian landscape hubby and I also like to geocache. So of course we had to get some cool items to leave in the caches. In one of our first caches we found a trackable coin and it was pretty exciting – lol. We moved it to another cache and from there it went to the Isle of Man – and now may be on the way to Luxembourg! So of course after that we had to get some trackable coins. I don’t know if we will leave them in existing caches or use them for caches we make ourselves – we haven’t made any yet but want to. It’s too cold to play though – so this revelry will probably have to wait until Spring. :)

C’mon Spring!

geocache geocaching, trackable coins, buttons, budanart

geocache geocaching trackable coins buttons budanart

1. It’s a compass, big and solid with the trackable number on the side.

2. A sextant. A pin. And trackable too!

3. My traveling 2 cents. What more can I say – lol. Oh and trackable of course.

4. Buffalo Soldier. I think we will set a mission to get this one back to Fort Levinworth.  Trackable too.

5. We made a bunch of 1 inch budanart TFTC pins to leave as well.