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Kaleidoscope WIP2

Kaleidoscope – 30 x 60  – Acrylic on Wood – Reserved for Mayberry Fine Art

I can start to see the undergrowth now, bits of sunlight poking through the dense tangle. So far most of it is in shadow, but for me this painting is all about the light. The light finding its way through the brush, or bouncing off an upturned leaf and later the light coming through the branches of the immense pine.



Kaleidoscope WIP1 – Or How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Kaleidoscope – 30 x 60  – Acrylic on Wood – Reserved for Mayberry Fine Art

I have started my 60 x 30. Whose crazy idea was this anyway? Oh yeah, mine – lol. There’s a lot more contortionism involved than I thought there would be. (That sounds like more fun than it actually is :) )

Thanks to my 4 foot ceilings (k maybe 4 and a half), I can’t move the bottom of the painting more than 2 feet or so from the floor, so to get to those lower areas I spend too much time on my unrelenting cement floor. And I can’t just grab the panel, flip it around and work on a tricky bit with the painting on my knees. (I could try but I’m sure I would take out a computer monitor or a lamp or something.)

I can’t wait ’til it’s time to do the top. I’m going to have to stand on a stool – lol.



Summer, Lake of Bays wip4

Summer, Lake of Bays – 18 x 24 Acrylic on Wood – Commission

I’ve finished the Lake now and can move on to the woods in the back. I can’t remember where we were exactly when we got this shot – I really want to keep better records, but these road trips are just a whirlwind of bumpy back roads and chasing the light. :)


Abstract landscape painting, Lake of Bays, Ontario, Summer