Monthly Archives: April 2009

Maple Sky wip10

Still working away :).  I’ve put in the trunks and lower branches, just continuing to make the shapes – although at this point they pretty much make themselves. Next week I’ll post some background for sure!

I’m  so pleased with the way it’s going that I hope to finish it in time to enter into  a local show before I let it go.


Maple Sky wip9

I have almost finished the tree! (I still have some of the lower part of the tree as it intertwines with the the background.) A few leaves have left the tree and there is a hint of light coming back after the storm. I just need to do the rest of the swiftly moving clouds and then I can turn my attention to the rest of the forest.


Maple Sky wip8

I’m working on finishing the tree and sky before I tackle the background foliage. The tree in shadow is done and now I need to do those last leaves with the sunlight on them.  And then the roiling clouds.  I’ll be curious to see the background as it will have some greens that I hope will be a nice counterpoint to all the reds. :)