Monthly Archives: March 2009

Maple Sky – wip6

You can start to see some of the dark storm clouds off in the distance. Fortunately for this maple the storm has passed by leaving little damage.  It may be the next  fall storm that strips the tree of its leaves, but for now, colours saturated from the rains and leaves sparkling in the afternoon light, the maple stands resplendent in crimson, orange and purple.


If I haven’t responded to you…

If you contacted me within the last month or so, your return email address was not included in the message. I have now fixed the problem.

If you are waiting for a response from me, please contact me via my blog and I will respond.

Maple Sky – wip3

A little more…

I’ve been working on the sky this session, trying to get a sense of quick-moving clouds, ready to open up or race away with no warning. And I wanted to get those few leaves against the sky and see how they look. :)

I want to do a bit more of branches, leaves and sky before I turn my attention to the forest in the background.