Monthly Archives: December 2008

Among Friends – Finished!

It feels a little strange not to be working on this painting anymore! :) I’m very pleased with it and I really enjoyed exploring all the patterns and subtle colour shifts this one offered. I will definitely be doing large paintings (and maybe even some more square ones) in the new year – while they do take a long time the end result is worth it.

Abstract Landscape Painting Birches

Abstract Landscape Painting Birches

Happy New Year everyone!

Among Friends – wip 11

Moving smartly along. Not too much to report :) Still painting lots of green leaves and still enjoying it very much. (Although I think my next painting needs some RED in it!) I’m getting close to the end now though, and soon I will have to start thinking about my next painting. I’ve got a large fall maple in sun against a dark October sky in mind. And a couple of small ones too :)

Abstract painting birches

Abstract painting birches

Among Friends – wip 10

Wow 10 weeks I have been working on this painting! I thought I might get bored making one this big (which is why I bought that five foot panel – lol), but I’m really enjoying it. The little details, the way the shapes weave in and out of each other, the little peeks of the sky, all the different greens that work so well together… I’ll be sorry when this one is finished. :)

Me and my panel :)

There’s a big pine tree deep in the forest and at the right time of day the sun punches through the trees behind it in a myriad of jewel tones. Deep blue and purple shadows wreath the bottom and the empty lower branches sweep the forest floor. Mysteriously exuberant this is a big image and needs a big panel. Luckily I have one :)

Custom-made for me by Howard’s Custom Stretchers this is a 4′ x 5′ cherry plywood panel with 3 inch sides. It’s absolutely gorgeous! If you need a panel (I think they do canvas too if you are into that) and you are near Kitchener Ontario get one of these! Great panel, service, price – everything :)