Monthly Archives: April 2008

New Abstract Landscape Print – Summer Morning

I finally finished getting the print file sorted out for Summer Morning. As my biggest painting ever, the digital file gave me some problems :) (Mostly file size and rendering time.)

But it’s finally done and I’m very pleased with the print. I have the signed prints available at and my etsy shop, and I will make some chunkies over the next little while.

abstract landscape summer morning print

google maps and budanArt

Hubby has made me a google map showing many of the places in the world where my prints and paintings have been sent. It’s really cool to see them all on the map like that :) We don’t have everyone in there yet, we’re starting from the present and working back.

Note: It is just calculated on the city – the street address and zip or postal codes have been stripped out – so we aren’t pinpointing anyone’s exact address.budanart google map

View the map

Well that was fast!

I held back a 5 x 7 painting that I made last week so that I could show it first in my newsletter. I got my newsletter ready, listed the painting on etsy and grabbed the link so I could add it to my newsletter. Sent out the newsletter and within 10 minutes the painting was gone! Not quite what I was expecting but lots of fun nonetheless :)

I think I will try to do that again and see what happens. :) I can only do it with 5 x 7’s though because I want to blog my progress on larger paintings. Hopefully this weekend I will have a new sketch on panel ready to show. I have a 16 x 20 commission but I’m not ready to start it yet so I will do a smaller painting first.

Abstract Landscape Yellow Lake

Featured Registered Graphic Designer

If you didn’t know, by day I’m a mild-mannered graphic designer. :)

I’m a member of the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario and they have chosen me for their RGD at Work feature on their website. How cool is that?

budan rgd

I get some very nice homepage exposure and I get to show some of the graphic design work I’ve been doing lately. All-in-all very exciting! :)