Monthly Archives: February 2008

budanart newsletter – finally!

I am now ready to start sending out my infrequent newsletter. My newsletter will mostly consist of new paintings listed for sale, sprinkled lightly with other news like awards won, or new products. I expect to send out 6-8 per year.

If you are interested you can subscribe here:

If you have signed up and wish to unsubscribe you can do that here:

I hope this will help those of you who don’t get a chance to buy new paintings when they become available.

New Painting – WIP 6

After today’s session… I wanted to get over to the bottom left – I’m thinking it could¬† cause trouble.¬† We’ll see how it goes tomorrow. But it’s definitely coming along. I need to paint the edges soon (actually I should do them before I hit an edge so that I have the mixed colours in case I need them). But I haven’t had a chance and really I just want to paint the main area :)

woods 6