Monthly Archives: January 2008

New Painting – WIP 3

Done for the day. I got a lot of painting done today – so much so that my hand is sore :-) If I get even half as much time tomorrow, it will have been a most excellent painting weekend!

I’ve started to work on some background areas a bit now so that I can see how they relate to the foreground. I may have to push them back a little more but I’ll wait until I’m farther along to make that decision.

woods wip3

New painting – WIP 2

Here is the painting after yesterday’s session. (And a very good one it was too – I spent a lot of the day painting!)

As you can see by the seething riot of colours – it’s a landscape! :-)

I have already strayed somewhat from the sketch, but it’s still there in case I get lost. I think that allows me more freedom. I can take some chances and try some things, and if they don’t work I can get back on track with my underlying drawing.


Starting a new painting…

I’m just starting a new painting – yay! One of my favourite parts of making paintings is that moment when all the preliminary work has been done and the very next step is to start in with the colours. :-)

I’ve got the drawing on the panel and I think I will post weekly pictures to show the progression. This is my largest painting to date at 24 x 30 inches.

woods 1

Not especially interesting yet, but I’m excited!