Monthly Archives: November 2007

I’ve been featured on talentdatabase!

Talentdatabase is a comprehensive collection of artists and talent of all kinds. It’s a great place to have a portfolio and to find other great talent in the fields of art, fashion, photography, music, theater and more. So of course I am thrilled to be featured!

from the site:
What is the Global Talent Database?
The Global Talent Database is the world’s most comprehensive talent search engine and artist directory. Think of it as similar to a global Yellow Pages designed to connect the creative class with enthusiasts around the world.

A great way to shop etsy

Two etsy sellers, Littleputbooks and schOOLLOcker have put together a blog devoted to helping shoppers find wonderful things to buy from etsy stores.

Divided into categories like art, beaded jewelry and ceramics, this blog displays mini showcases from etsy stores around the world. Each image is linked directly back to the etsy vendor’s shop making it easy to buy that gorgeous painting or those perfect earrings.

To see for yourself, visit

And since I can’t have a post on this blog without an image :) here’s my mini showcase:

Buy Handmade

Billions of these mini showcases on the etsymini blog are a true visual feast and a great way to browse the many amazing etsy sellers.

New W.I.P.

Forest Patterns (i think :))

Forest Patterns wip

I’ve been very busy with my day job and with holiday orders at etsy. But I finally have made some painting time and here’s what’s on my easel right now. I think I’m about half done. I’m really enjoying the way these warm greens mix with the reds, pinks and oranges of the leaves.