Monthly Archives: September 2006

Anne Savage: Northern Town, Banff

Northern Town, Banff – 26 x 28 – Oil on Canvas.


This painting shows the muted lavenders and strong rhythmic shapes that marked Anne’s style. She also tended toward more closeups in her landscapes which provides a more intimate look at Canada in the 1930’s.

Anne Savage: The Wheelbarrow

Annie Douglas Savage
1896 – 1971

The Wheelbarrow – 25 x 30 – Oil on Canvas


Anne Savage was a contemporary of the Group of Seven and had a lifelong friendship with A.Y. Jackson. She taught art at Baron Byng High School in Montreal and painted in the summer.

The Summer Tree

My most recent painting…

The Summer Tree – 12 x 16 Acrylic on Panel




I was captivated by the play of light and the dance of oranges and greens in this tree. It’s everything about late summer, warm sun and brisk evenings with that bite in the air that you know means snow and lots of it coming soon. The exaggeration of shapes and the sinuous flow of the branches make the tree sway and dance on the panel. This pattern of shapes – it is a tree and it is a collection of colours and lines – one no more important than the other.


Welcome to my blog. I’ll be posting images of my (sadly) infrequent paintings. I also
want to showcase some of my favourite Canadian painters.