After the Rain

18 x 24 – Acrylic on wood

The colours are richer, the light more intense after the spring rain sweeps through the forest. The new-found sun pulls jewel tones and rich darks out of the quiet trees.

I have finished my confidential commission and have finally been able to finish this painting too! The commission was a great experience but all-consuming. I’m so glad to be back to smaller paintings and studies – but I wouldn’t say no to another ginormous one either! :)

art, painting, abstract, landscape, acrylic, woods, forest, jewel, color

Landscape Study #51

5 x 7 – acrylic on yupo paper

My commission is over – I will be shipping the painting overseas on Monday. It still feels funny not to be all-consumed by this painting, but I’m definitely glad to have my evenings and weekends (and hubby and kids!) back. :)

So now back to my regularly scheduled programming. Here’s the first of a slew of studies I plan to do. Also coming up – paintings, and lots of ‘em!

Available at dailypaintworks.

art, painting, small, landscape, study, acrylic, yupo, fall, autumn , color, tree